Hi there!!

I’m Shirin Askari

I’m a petite designer, stylist, and educator with big dreams. Obsessed with: pretty dresses, power tools, gorgeous interiors and growing the perfect garden. My passions include creating beautiful, standout clothing and teaching others how to embrace their creativity by sharing my love for creating new things. Read on for the rest!


At the age of 22, a few months before graduating from college something happened that would change the course of my entire life. 

I broke my knee playing a late night game of basketball in the school gym. I know what your thinking… “You don’t look like a basketball player?!” And yes, you would be correct… I’m not. 

My plans were as follows… gradute, go to Europe for a few months… come back, move to NYC and get job at a fashion company. 

And instead, I was in a cast for 17 weeks…. The trip had to be canceled and I laid there over the summer looking for jobs online… when I received an email telling me about auditions for the 6th season of Project Runway. I never thought about going on reality tv but at this point I figured “what else am I doing right now?” So I set up a tripod, hopped around trying not to bring attention to my cast and filmed a video to submit. Three months after graduating from college I was filming the show… and then 4 episodes before the finale, I was out.

When the show aired and people started asking where they could buy my pieces, I decided to strike while the iron was hot... I moved to NYC to produce my first clothing collection.  

Fast forward to now: 45 collections later, enough custom wedding dresses to fill a store, and over 150 boutiques nationwide that have sold my designs. 

Today, you can find me in the 1940’s colonel home in Dallas, Texas that we renovated on our own. Most days I’m either designing a new dress, working in my garden or giving my power tools a workout by building something new. I spend my time focusing on a life filled with creativity and learning, while teaching others to do the same!

If you’re dying to hear more, here are five random things you might not know about me: 

  1. I made my first dress at the age of 7, it was a white, aline dress with little blue hearts printed on it. 

 I have a little girl named Alexandria but we call her Ali. 

  3. My go-to ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough.

  4. Favorite show as a kid was “I love Lucy” and one summer I decided to record all 180 episodes on VHS. They played them in order at the same time every evening so for a long time I had a series of VHS tapes hand labeled with every episode.  

  5. I have the weirdest comfort food of anyone I know: Peas with fresh lime juice and touch of butter. 

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